Quick and Easy tip on hiring student employees in Workday

October 12, 2016
Writer: Millie Carter

Set Up Instructions

Common Definitions:

  • Job Requisition: A form which opens a new position and specifies the characteristics of it, in order for hires to be processed on the Job Board
  • Hire: Option to hire a student(s) from the applicant pool
  • Direct Hire: Option to hire a student without posting to the Job Board

Hiring Overview:

  1. Create a Job Requisition in Workday
  2. Post job on BYU-Idaho Job Board
  3. Hire student by direct hire or from applicants
  4. Send student to the HR office with proper forms(s) of identification 

Highlighted Features:

  • Start & End Posting Date: Automatically posts and removes the job posting from the job board
  • Mass Hire: Ability to hire more than one applicant at a time with the same or different pay rates
  • Class Schedule: Ability to view present and future class schedules, if registered 
  • Interview: Provides the option to move applicants to a "To Be Interviewed" status to allow for a clean review process (Note: No email or notification is sent to the applicant when this option is selected)  
  • Decline: Provides the option to send an automatic email informing the student(s) they were not selected for the position, this will remove the applicant from the applicant pool 
  • Save: Provides the option to save the applications of those you are interested in hiring for future semesters

Useful Tutorials:

What's Next:

Once the student is successfully hired, they will receive instructions in their student email about the onboarding process to be completed within Workday. They will need to come into the Human Resources office, 226 Kimball, with the acceptable form(s) of identification to be eligible to work. 

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