Payroll Date Changes for Students, Staff, and Online Faculty

Effective December 16, 2015, all non-exempt employees - students and staff - will be paid bi-weekly (every other Friday). Online faculty will join all other salary exempt employees on-campus faculty and administration in being paid on the 8th and 23rd of each month.

Students and Staff Details

On the new schedule, non-exempt employees will receive 26 paychecks in a year instead of the current 24. This means there will be two months during the year in which employees will receive three paychecks. It is worth noting that the only deductions taken from the third paychecks will be Social Security, state and federal taxes, and retirement contributions. Insurance and donations will be prorated in the first two paychecks each month.

Transition to the new bi-weekly schedule will be achieved with a truncated payroll period occurring December 16-26. Checks for this 10-day period will be issued January 4th. The next two paychecks issued on January 15th and 29th will represent full two-week periods, as will all paychecks going forward. Please take into consideration any automatic payments that may need to be adjusted in order to align with the new paydays.

Bi-Weekly Pay Schedule
Bi-weekly pay schedule calendar

Online Faculty Details

Exempt employee pay periods are the 1st to the 15th and the 16th to the end of the month. Paychecks for these pay periods are issued on the 8th and 23rd, respectively. Please note that if either of these dates falls on a weekend or holiday, paychecks will be issued on the nearest workday prior to that date.

To help with the initial impact this change may have on employees¹ personal finances, Certified DMBA Financial Planner Shone Eckert will be hosting budget workshops in November for all employees. Please watch for more information as these dates draw near.

With questions or concerns please feel free to contact Human Resources at, (208) 496-1727.

Semi-Monthly Pay Schedule
Semi-monthly pay schedule