Learn how to keep your Workday organization clean when student employees leave at the end of the semester

March 24, 2016
Writer: Millie Carter

Managers often experience increased student employee turnover with the transition to a new semester. Student Employment has provided the best practices to help maintain and update a supervisory organization at the end of each semester to prepare for a smooth transition into an upcoming semester. Updating and maintaining supervisory organizations in Workday includes removing employees from positons in which they are no longer working, or moving workers to their proper supervisory organization.

If a student will be returning to the same job the consecutive semester, they do not need to be removed from the position. However, even if a student will return to the same position in future semesters, but is not returning for the upcoming semester, they need to be removed from the position within Workday.

When removing a student from a position, there are two options within Workday:

  1. Terminate Employee
  2. End Additional Job

(Note: End Additional Job is only an option to remove a student with multiple jobs. The Switch Primary Job action in Workday will designate the primary job as the additional job, giving the ability to end job.)

Occasionally, employees are hired or moved into the incorrect supervisory organization. If this is the case, the process of “Move Workers” within Workday is recommended to make the necessary corrections.

Completing these processes will allow for accurate ongoing data, employees to be hired in other positions under the church umbrella, and ensure smooth transitions in the future on a department and employee level.

Please let the Student Employment team know if you have additional questions at studentemployment@byui.edu or (208) 496-1712.

Step by Step Tutorials (downloadable PDF) Terminate Employee View Tutorial End Additional Job View Tutorial Switch Primary Job View Tutorial