Learn how to post a job, recruit new hires, and more

March 24, 2016
Writer: Millie Carter


Student employment opportunities at BYU-Idaho seek to fulfill the University’s Mission Statement to “develop disciples of Jesus Christ who are leaders in their homes, the Church, and their communities. We strive to [prepare] students for lifelong learning, for employment, and for their role as citizens and parents.”


The student employment hiring process helps fulfill the mission by providing support to departments and students in finding the right candidate for the position and the right experience for the student.

Through the student employment website, students can discover possible job opportunities they feel best fit their future academic pursuits by utilizing online resources, which include the student employment job board. The job board will include details and qualifications that will assist students in finding the right experience and position. Hiring managers can enhance their search for the right fit by understanding and applying the following system functionalities:

  1. All applicants are saved in one place within the Student Employment Application
  2. Course Schedules are automatically tied to an applicant for viewing
  3. Option to decline applicants
  4. Ability to save applicants for future semesters
  5. Process Mass Hires and Direct Hires
  6. Ability to move applicants to a "To Be Interviewed" status
  7. Limit the number of applicants applying
  8. Jobs can be date driven to automatically be added and removed

For best business practices in recruiting and hiring student employees please view the following infographic here.

Please let the Student Employment team know if you have any additional questions or concerns at studentemployment@byui.edu or (208) 496-1727.

Hiring and Recruiting Student Employees

Step-by-Step Tutorials can be found below:

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