Workday Payroll Clock

Best business practices for submitting and approving payroll.

March 24, 2016
Writer: Millie Carter

Administrative employees and on-campus and online faculty are paid on a semi-monthly schedule (see calendar below) with pay-dates on the 8th and 23rd of the month. If the 8th or the 23rd falls on a Saturday or Sunday, employees are paid on the Friday prior.

Non-exempt employees are on the bi-weekly schedule and are required to submit their time to their supervisor for each pay period. Time submissions need to be completed by 11:59 p.m. the Sunday following the end of the pay period. Supervisors must approve time submissions by 12:00 p.m. Monday. Failure to submit or approve time will result in a delay in the issued payment.

In order to become familiar with submitting and approving time and the new pay schedules, a form containing tips on the process and the best practices for supervisors and employees can be viewed in Tutorials. Click the button below to download a PDF of the tips and/or payroll calendar.

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