Your pay rate can be located within your personal profile in Workday. The personal profile can be found by logging into Workday and selecting your picture in the top right hand corner of the screen and selecting "View Profile". Then by selecting the 'Compensation' tab, the pay rate (hourly or salary) can be viewed in the table labeled Total Salary and Allowances. 

All paycheck details for direct deposit and checks are maintained in the Pay worklet within Workday. After signing into your Workday account, select the Pay worklet. Recent paycheck details will be listed under the Payslips heading. To view a complete list of your payslips select the "payslips" button under the View heading. 
Begin by verifying that your accounts and account numbers are correctly set up by selecting the Pay worklet in Workday and then selecting Payment Elections. Once verified that it is complete and correct, call Marilyn Nielsen at (208) 496-1993 for further assistance.

The alternative to setting up direct deposit is to pick up your paycheck every other Friday at the Bursar window located on the main floor of the Kimball building. Your I-card will be required to pick up your paycheck.

This error occurs when payroll has run on the employee’s account, not allowing position changes to be made in the past. If this occurs, choose the first date of the most recent pay period and then make the changes necessary.

Hiring and Terminating

Student job requisitions are created in Workday in order for a student employee to be hired. You will start by selecting the Recruiting worklet in Workday and then inputting the correct information. View the Job Requisition for Student Employees tutorial for further instructions.

To hire a student, you must first create a job requisition in Workday. Once created, use the banner on the homepage to transition to the BYU-Idaho job board where you will hire the student. For step-by-step instructions on posting to the job board or direct hiring, view the Hire a Student Empmloyee tutorial.

The most common reason a job isn't showing up on the job board is because the cost center was not entered. Please check the job requisition to make sure all of the necessary information was entered. If you have questions or need assistance, please contact Student Employment at (208) 496-1712 or

First, check on the job board under Pending Hires. If your students name is there, that means that they have not completed their onboarding. If their name is not there, and they have visited our office, they should be eligible to start working. If this doesn't match the communication you are receiving, please contact Student Employment at(208) 496-1712 or

The ability to create job requisition in Workday is assigned to the manager or the HR Partner. If you feel like you should have these roles, please contact Student Employment at (208) 496-1712 or

This isn't possible until the Student Supervisory Organization has been created. Please contact Student Employment at (208) 496-1712 or to have this created.

If the correct cost center is not an available option when creating / editing a job requisition, it is not "attached" to your sup org. Please contact Student Employment at (208) 496-1712 or to have this added.
First, check to see if they have multiple jobs on campus. If the student only has one job, view the Termination of an Employee tutorial for step-by-step instructions. If the student has multiple jobs on campus, see the End Additional Job tutorial. If the job you need to terminate is the primary job, you will need to Switch the Primary Job, and then proceed to end the additional job.  

You can view "Historical Activity Pay" in the Pay Worklet. If you choose to "View with Payment Details," you will be able to see the amount scheduled to be paid for each pay period. Note: The "Scheduled Date" refers to the pay period end date and is not the actual pay date.


If your time has not been entered by 11:30 a.m. on the Monday that payroll is due, email Marilyn Nielson at with the current date, your name, I-Number, the department you work in, and the dates and times you worked. The pay for the time not entered will be added in your next paycheck.

The TT Hours Worked for Hourly Employees report in Workday will show total hours worked within the specific time period entered. To view this report, enter TT Hours Worked for Hourly Employees into the search bar in Workday. Enter the Start Date and End Date of when you want the report to run. Verify that the manager is correct and press OK.

Click on the Time Off worklet in Workday and click on Time Off Correction. You will then see a calendar with all of your time off. Click on the bar on the Sick and Vacation requests. Make the necessary adjustments and click OK. 

An unmatched time event occurs when you have a clock in time but no clock out time, or vice versa. This can be corrected by reviewing your check in and out times entered through the Time worklet in Workday.

 Note: There have been cases where employee's clock in on their mobile phone using the app and clock out on the computer, and it did not work. So please be consistent on which device you are using to clock in and out. 
If you are receiving notifications for students that you do not supervise, there is something wrong with your Supervisory Organization. Please contact Workday Support at (208) 496-1727 or to get this problem fixed.

If you can't request time off on the weekend, please contact Human Resources at (208) 496-1700, as this is a Workday configuration change that will need to be made.

Use or lose time is not provided within Workday, however you can go into your "time off" worklet and go into "balances" and select the "future day" at the end of the year. This will calculate the total sick time and vacation totals if you divide total hours by 8 and subtract carry over hours. If you have questions about this, or need further clarification, contact Human Resources at (208) 496-1700.


For your dependents to be generated an I-Number, they must be first added as your dependent in Workday. To do this, view your profile in Workday and click on the related actions button. Hover over Benefits and select View Dependents. Click Add and enter all of the necessary information. The I-Number will not be generated until you input the Social Security Number. Once all of the information is entered, it takes about 15 minutes for the I-Number to be generated. You will be able to view the I-Number in the dependents profile under Other ID's.

This is not something you can personally do. For all non-student employees, you can change your picture through Jeff Smith. Contact him at For students, the profile picture in Workday is the same picture on your I-Card. If you have questions about changing this picture, contact the I-Card office at (208) 496-1900. 
The benefits of Workday include employees being able to update their own personal information, including their contact info. Contact Human Resources at (208) 496-1700 if you find an error and we will coordinate with the employee.

If you are a new hire at BYU-Idaho, please contact Human Resources at (208) 496-1700. If you are a student, login through the Student Employment tab on your myBYUI.