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Policies and Procedures  

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Student Academic Grievance Policy ( 

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Substance Abuse Policy 

Testing Services Policies and Procedures   

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Disruptive Behavior Policy       

Right of Access Policy 

Substance Abuse Policy 

Student-Related Policies and Procedures from the University Policies Handbook 

University Policy 1-4: Guest Speakers  

University Policy 1-17:Public Expression and Demonstration  

University Policy 1-23: On-Campus Publicity, Advertising, and Solicitations Policy 

University Policy 1-27: Building Access Policy 

University Policy 1-33: Political Neutrality 

University Policy 2-13: Sexual Misconduct Policy (  

University Policy 4-10: Campus Service Policy 

University Policy 4-11: Missing Student Notification Policy 

University Policy 4-12: Campus-Wide Student Activities and Events Policy 

University Policy 8-2: Electronic Mail On-Campus Internship Policy  

Student Travel Policy (See: