Employment Policies and Procedures

Equal Opportunity Statement (2-1)

 Employment Guidelines (2-2)    

A. Definition of Personnel Classifications    

B. Employment Standard    

C. Honor Code (includes Dress and Grooming Standards)    

D. CES Annual Ecclesiastical Clearance for Employees    

E. Employment at Will    

F. Conflict of Interest and Conflict of Time Commitment (Administrative and Staff)    

G. Employment of Near Relatives    

H. Collective Bargaining    

I. Recruitment of Administrative and Staff Employees    

J. Hours of Work and Workweek    

K. Outside Employment    

L. Temporary Employment    

M. Transfer, Promotion, and Demotion of Employees    

N. Post-Retirement Employment 

Employee Benefit Eligibility (2-3)    

A. Benefits    

B. Transfers from Other Employers Covered by DMBA Programs    

C. Retention of Earned Credits 

Employee Compensation (2-4)    

A. Job Descriptions and Job Audits    

B. Job Titles    

C. Job Evaluation    

D. Exempt and Non-Exempt    

E. Upgrading of Existing Administrative and Staff Positions    

F. Requesting New Positions    

G. Salary Commitments    

H. Minimum Wage    

I.  Equal Pay    

J. Reporting Hours Worked    

K. Overtime    

L. Preparation of Paychecks    

M. Record Keeping Requirements    

N. Travel Time    

O. Worker's Compensation    

P. Payments to Survivors Following the Death of F-T Employees    

Q. Salary Deduction for Exempt Employees 

Employee Relations (2-5)    

A. Children at Work    

B. Confidentiality of University Records    

C. Discipline and Discharge of Administrative and Staff Employees    

D. Garnishments    

E. Government Investigations    

F. Letters of Recommendation    

G. Privacy Protection    

H. Public Service    

I.  Work-Related Concerns    

J. Termination Process for Employees 

Leave Policy (2-6)    

A. Family and Medical Leave    

B. Funeral Leave    

C. Holidays    

D. Jury Duty    

E. Leave without Pay    

F. Military Leave    

G. Mission President/Temple Presidency Leave    

H. Missionary Service    

J. Public Service    

K. Sick Leave - Administrative and Staff Employees    

L. Sick Leave Assistance    

N. Snow Leave    

P. Vacation 

Professional Development (2-7)    

A. Higher Education Assistance     

B. Tuition Waiver Benefit for BYU-Idaho Credit Courses     

C. BYU-Idaho Non-Credit Class Benefit  

Early Retirement Program (2-8)

Electronic Communications (2-10) 

Student Employment (2-11)

Firearms and Weapons Policy (2-12)

Sexual Harassment (2-13)

Church-Service Missionaries at BYU-Idaho (2-14)  

Drug and Alcohol Testing for Commercial Vehicle Drivers (2-15)    

• Consent Form - Drug and Alcohol Testing for Commercial Drivers (Current Employees)    

• Consent Form - Drug and Alcohol Testing for Commercial Drives (Prospective Employees)

PCI Compliance Background Checks (2-16)

Temple Service Guidelines (2-17) 

Service Animal Policy (2-18)