Policies and Procedures

University Policies and Procedures 

Administrative Policies and Procedures (1-1 thru 1-37)

Employment Policies and Procedures (2-1 thru 2-16)

Financial Policies and Procedures (3-1 thru 3-11)

Student-Related Policies and Procedures (4-2 thru 4-12)

Faculty-Specific Policies and Procedures (5-1 thru 5-10)

Auxiliary Services Policies and Procedures (6-2 thru 6-3)

Physical Facilities Policies and Procedures (7-1 thru 7-4)

Campus Technology Policies and Procedures (8-1 thru 8-5) 

Policies, Procedures, and Guidelines found elsewhere on the BYU-Idaho website 

Academic Catalogs (Academic Office)

BYU-Idaho Style Guide (University Relations Office)

Campus Email Guidelines (University Communications)

Financial Services Policies and Procedures (Financial Services Office)

Health Center Privacy Practice (Health Center)

Intellectual Property Policy

IT Policies (Information Technology Department)

On-Campus Internship Policy (Internship and Career Services Office) 

Parking Rules and Regulations (University Police)

Safety Policies and Procedures (Safety Office)

Surplus Sales and Disposal of University Assets (Purchasing Office) 

Affordable Care Act (ACA) or "ObamaCare" (see guidelines here

Dean and Department Chair Handbook (please contact the Academic Office for information regarding this resource) 

Faculty Guide (i.e. "Faculty Handbook") See guidelines here

Usage Plan for 'Thursday 2:00-3:00 PM' Hour

Please Note: To inquire about department-specific policies or guidelines not listed above, please contact that department directly.