The Following topics are focused on developing leadership skills and qualities for all employees who are responsible for developing others, or who are seeking additional resources and understanding of leadership related topics.

Leading From a Gospel Perspective

Readings focused on leading others from a gospel perspective. The purpose of these trainings is to help leaders across campus use gospel principles and examples when giving feedback, managers others, etc.

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Disciple Leadership Program

Series of twenty-two trainings designed to build employees as disciples of Christ through topic-related videos, scripture references, and messages from church leaders.

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Academic Studies of Leadership

Beginning of a leadership training series in which we will learn principles of effective leadership through the lens of academic disciplines taught by faculty.

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TED Talks

TED Talks given by leadership professionals meant to enhance employees understanding of what leadership is in industry.

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Developing Employees

Training's for managers whose primary responsibility is to develop others and help them be as efficient and effective as possible. This section includes tips and instructions for managing and developing employees.

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Developing As A Manager

Training's meant for managers who want to learn more about themselves and developing their employees. The following section covers a wide range of topics, from effective supervision to giving and receiving feedback.

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Interviewing Job Candidates

Training's meant for managers who want to improve their hiring process through pre-screening and improved interviewing skills.

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