Leadership Pattern

The Leadership Pattern: Leading Like the Savior

(The Leadership Pattern has been specifically designed by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints to assist members of the Church workforce with their unique needs and opportunities. You may share with others individual principles, talents, or behaviors from the pattern, but please do not distribute the Leadership Pattern in its entirety outside of the workforce setting.) 

What is it?

The Leadership Pattern is a framework of 9 talents and 48 accompanying behaviors that helps the Church workforce know how to do the Lord's work in the Lord's way. Created at the request of the First Presidency, the pattern was developed through interviews with General Authorities, focus groups, and industry best practices. It brings together the best of doctrine, principles, and application--guiding us to a higher level of behavior and performance and helping each of us to become more Christlike. 

Leadership Pattern (Graphic and Accompanying Behaviors)

Leadership Pattern Workbook 

Leadership Pattern Videos

The Learning Journey

      • Overview
      • What lack I yet?
      • What must I do?
      • Therefore, what?     

Core Talents          

      • Lead Like the Savior
      • Act under the Direction of the Spirit
      • Align with the Brethren      

Operational Talents         

      • Define Direction
      • Counsel Together
      • Build Capacity
      • Organize the Work
      • Accomplish the Work
      • Render an Account

Leadership Enrichment Series          

      • Elder David A. Bednar (pdf) (video)
      • Elder Kim B. Clark
      • Elder Robert D. Hales