The following links provide video tutorials and other programs that we highly recommend

in order to help you navigate through various functions that Excel offers.


        o   Getting to Know Excel

        o  Microsoft Excel 2013 Course 2: Basic

        o   Using the Formula Bar

        o   Cell Basics

        o    Simple Formulas

        o   Cell References         


        o   Microsoft Excel Course 2: 

                        Working with Tables

                        Pivot Tables

                        The Illustrations Group

                        Intermediate Formulas & Functions

        o   Printing Workbooks

        o   Functions

        o    Freezing Planes and View Options

        o   Filtering Data

        o   Tables

        o    Charts

        o    PivotTables Part 1

        o   PivotTables Part 2   


        o   Sparklines

        o   Track Changes and Comments

        o   "What-if Analysis": The What-if Analysis is a feature that can help you experiment and answer                          questions with your data, even when the data is incomplete, such I-Learn's What-if Calculator. In this                lesson, you will learn how to use a what-if analysis tool called "Goal Seek".