Student Employment Consultants

Student Employment Consultants

As Student Employment Consultants, we help managers of student employees become more effective teachers in the workplace. We meet with managers one-on-one to discuss policies, organizational structuring, best practices, and other leadership initiatives that enable managers and their employees to work together and progress toward university and department goals.

Managerial Support

  • Roundtable Discussions for Managers
  • Individual Consultation
  • Policies and Practices
  • Workday Support
    • Student Lead Training
    • New Manager Training

Elevation the Student Employment Experience

  • Student Employment Pulse (3rd Party Analysis of Student Employee Organizations)
    • The Student Leadership Model
      • The Student Leadership Model is a resource available to all managers to improve the quality, experience, and efficiency of work that is done within their department. The purpose to the Student Development Model is to help departments accomplish the mission of the university, to help apply The Leadership Pattern with a department, and provide powerful employment experiences for students. 
    • The Leadership Pattern Training
      • "The Leadership Pattern is a framework of 9 talents and 48 accompanying behaviors that helps the church workforce know how to do the Lord's work in the Lord's way. Created at the request of the First Presidency, the pattern was developed through interviews with General Authorities, focus groups, and industry best practices. It brings together the best of doctrine, principles, and appplication-guiding us to a higher level of begavior and performance and helping each of us to become more Christlike."-The Leadership Pattern Overview (p.7)

The Leadership Pattern is a vital tool to the accomplishment of the vision of BYU-Idaho. As student employees, especially those in leadership. 

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