We offer support services to managers to help them grow as teachers in the workplace. We meet with managers one-on-one to discuss policies, organizational structuring, employment best practices, and other leadership initiatives that enable managers and their employees to work together and progress toward university and department goals.

Student Employment Policy (Policy 2-11)

"The Leadership Pattern is a framework of 9 talents and 48 accompanying behaviors that helps the church workforce know how to do the Lord's work in the Lord's way. Created at the request of the First Presidency, the pattern was developed through interviews with General Authorities, focus groups, and industry best practices. It brings together the best of doctrine, principles, and application-guiding us to a higher level of behavior and performance and helping each of us to become more Christ-like."-The Leadership Pattern Overview (p.7)

The Leadership Pattern is a vital tool to accomplish the mission of BYU-Idaho, and build disciple leaders. This will help student employees incorporate gospel principles in their positions here at BYU-Idaho and in their future employment.

The Student Leadership Model is a resource available to all managers to improve the quality, experience, and efficiency of work that is done within their department. The purpose to the Student Development Model is to help departments accomplish the mission of the university, to help apply The Leadership Pattern with a department, and provide powerful employment experiences for students. This will include analyzing the work that is done by the students, the student structure in an organization and the process of a one-on-one meeting with student employees. The Student Leadership Model can be used to help departments figure out how to utilize their student employees in a more effective and efficient way that elevates the experience for both the employee and the manager.

The Student Employment Manager Guide is a resource available to all managers to provide guidance, help, and support to managers over a wide variety of topics. This includes best practices on interviewing, disciplinary actions, and developing student employees. Resources for managing and developing student employees are also provided.

Managers' Guide

The Student Employment Pulse will help you as a manager understand where the work of your organization is at and how your employees feel about the work. This information will also give you a better idea of how to move the work forward. This is done through the help of a Student Employment Consultant who will gather data regarding employee engagement, development and workforce planning. Please contact the Student Employment Advisors for more information.

The Student Employment Consultants provide managerial support on:

  • Policies and Practices/Procedures
  • Roundtable Discussions
  • Individual Consultation

Workday Training

HireVue is an applicant screening system available to managers on-campus. With Hirevue’s video platform, managers can screen a high volume of applicants efficiently and effectively while still learning about the applicant and their strengths. For more information on HireVue please contact Student Employment at ext. 1712 or

Additional Resources