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    1. Download, complete, and return BYU-Idaho employment paperwork as follows (please use a black pen and print clearly)
      1. State Withholding
      2. Form I-9 (Note: Some employees may have already completed this via email instructions.)
        1. Instructions for Filling out I-9
        2. Complete I-9 Form
        3. I-9 Instructions
    2. To access forms, please refer to the "New Employee Forms" page.

New Employee Forms

Please send completed documents in pdf form to: onlinehr@byui.edu.

  1. After your employment paperwork has been received and processed, you will receive email correspondence from BYU-Idaho's Human Resources Office with instructions to set up your BYU-Idaho username and password. This process will also assign you an email address.
  2. You will also be sent an email with instructions regarding the BYU-Idaho Privacy Tutorial, which you are required to take before access can be granted to confidential information.