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  1. Create a job requisition in Workday with all required fields, as well as the following:
    • Justification
      • Explain if it is a new position, replace a leaving employee, or a repurposed FTE
      • Provide the name of a leading candidate, if applicable
    • Job Description Summary
    • Job Description
      • Provide the breakdown of responsibilities as well as the education and work experience requirements
  2. Once submitted, the job requisition routes through the required line management and Human Resources for approval
  3. After Vice President approval, the requisition routes to the Recruiting Coordinator who submits the requisition for review during President's Council
  4. Approved requisitions are communicated to Human Resources
  5. Human Resources will coordinate the hiring process with the hiring manager
  6. Human Resources completes a background check and an ecclesiastical endorsement for final candidates
  7. Human Resources coordinates the final offer with the hiring manager
  8. On or before the first day of work, the new employee must complete the Workday onboarding process, which includes bringing original forms of identification to the Human Resources office to complete the Form I-9
  9. A new employee orientation will be scheduled, typically within the first week of employment

To access the Employment Proposal Form, please refer to the Hiring Employees Forms page.

Hiring Employees Forms