Congratulations on receiving a job offer on our campus! In order to be officially hired as a Student Employee, complete the following steps before the first day of employment.

  1. After your employer hires you in our database, they will give you a document titled the Student Agreement Form. Complete this form.
  2. Identify and locate the original documents that verify your eligibility to work in the U.S* as described here: Required Identification for Completing the Federal I-9 Form.
  3. Bring your Student Agreement Form and the original documents to the Human Resources office (Kimball 226).

* International students are required to bring their I-94 (typically included in a Passport), I-20 identification documents, and a photo ID to the Human Resources office when they are hired. If you are an international student, you will receive further instruction during your visit to apply for a Social Security card.


    Common Links
       •  Frequently Asked Questions 
       •  Time Clock    

       •  Student Employment Policies (agreed to upon signing the Student Agreement Form)
       •  IRS W-4 Form (to change or view current form)

       •  International Students 
       •  Employment of Relatives Policy (from University Policies webpage) 
       •  Student Employment Policy (from University Policies webpage) 
       •  Required Employee Notices (required by law to be posted and available to employees)

Need more assistance? Please contact Human Resources at or (208)496-1700.