The purpose of the Employee Engagement Council (EEC) is to facilitate networking, exchange ideas, and suggest ways to enhance employee satisfaction and work effectiveness. The EEC is made up of administrators, faculty, and staff. 
Council Charter
  • Plan an annual employee conference to promote individual and professional growth.
  • Recommend employees for the Exemplary Employee Award.
  • Organize and promote the employee Christmas gathering ("Pie Social").
  • Identify ideas for training, professional growth, and development to support job-related needs of employees.

One representative, who serves as the council chair, meets with President's Council as appropriate to present ideas and recommendations. The Employee Engagement Council will not involve itself with trying to resolve work-related issues pertaining to individual employees. Employees with personal grievances or complaints should seek resolution through appropriate line management channels in accordance with university policy.

Council Members
Portrait of Kevin Price
Kevin Price

Human Resources Director
Portrait of Jerrod Guddat
Council Chair:
Jerrod Guddat

Support Center Director
Portrait of Jacquel Fluckiger
Jacquel Fluckiger
Admissions Specialist
Portrait of Richard Datwyler
Richard Datwyler
Physics Faculty
Portrait of Trish Gannaway
Trish Gannaway
Guest Hosting & Institutional Events Coordinator
Portrait of Michael Bolingbroke
Michael Bolingbroke
Religious Education Faculty
Portrait of Pat Powell
Pat Powell
Training & Development Coordinator
Portrait of Greg Edwards
Greg Edwards
Carpentry Services Supervisor
Portrait of Jeremy Lamoreaux
Jeremy Lamoreaux
History, Geography, and Political Science Faculty
Portrait of Judy Steiner
Judy Steiner
Event Management Director
Portrait of Anna Taylor
Anna Taylor
Online Delivery Specialist
Portrait of Jason Reeder
Jason Reeder
Student Life Marketing Coordinator