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The Master Retirement Plan is a defined benefit (pension) plan offered by DMBA, and funded entirely by BYU-Idaho. It is designed to be used as part of your retirement income, being combined with other sources such as Social Security and any personal savings.


Vesting means an ownership of retirement benefits. In other words, you have worked long enough to qualify for a benefit at retirement. Eligible participants are 100% vested after five years of eligible service.

How it is earned:

The Master Retirement Plan is funded completely by BYU-Idaho, and requires no monetary contribution from the employee. The benefit is increased by the employee from total years of service earned.

Benefit Calculation:

The standard retirement benefit is calculated by using the following formula:

  1. Take your final average monthly salary.

  2. Multiply your final average monthly salary by .75% (or 1.5% if eligible before April 2010).

  3. Multiply that product by the number of months of benefit credit earned.

  4. Divide the result by 12 to get your monthly Master Retirement Plan Benefit.

The DMBA website provides a retirement calculator tool, which helps to get a projection of your retirement benefit amount looking a couple of years into the future.

DMBA's Annual Form 5500 Financial Report

Form 5500 is a report to the federal government. In this report is Schedule SB which contains technical data about whether a plan has enough funds to pay promised benefits and is complying with federal pension funding rules.

DMBA's Annual Form 5500 Financial Report