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Shone Eckert, a certified financial planner from DMBA, comes to campus each month to conduct individual consultations with employees. To set up an appointment with Shone, you can call our Human Resources front desk at 208.496.1700, and find an available time. Once the appointment has been set, you will receive a calendar invite for the meeting. It will include a financial worksheet that you can complete and send to Shone before your visit. This makes the consultation much more effective.


We are pleased to announce that Deseret Mutual is introducing a 7 step money management program focused on solving everyday economic challenges and preparing for your family's financial future.

You will be coached through a step by step process that will provide you with proven and simple methods to...

  • -Save for emergencies 
  • -Save for retirement
  • -Pay off debt
  • -Build a better budget 
  • -Properly invest
  • -Identify insurance and estate planning needs 

The course will consist of one hour workshops taught over several months at no cost to employees or their spouses. This will be an exciting, engaging and educational series with opportunity for questions, interaction, assignments and follow up.    The course will be kicked off next month on Thursday, April 21st at 2:00 in the Taylor Lecture Hall (TAY 120), with an introduction to behavioral finance and the benefits of charitable giving. Materials will be provided to coach you through the entire curriculum. You won't want to miss it! 

Please RSVP to benefits@byui.edu, and we will be sure to save you a seat.

Shone Eckert’s contact info: