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There are two dental plans offered by DMBA: Deseret Dental and Deseret Dental Plus. You can only change dental plans during the open enrollment period in October every year. If no changes are made, your current plan will continue as is.

Benefits and Coverage:
 DentalDental PLUS
Preventive Care 100% after $15 copayment
*Two visits per calendar year
Oral Surgery/
Restorative Care
50% 80%
Orthodontics 50% 50%
Lifetime Maximum
(Up to $1,500 per lifetime) (Up to $2,000 per lifetime)
Annual Maximum
$1,100 per person $1,500 per person

 DentalDental PLUS
Single $3.00 $8.20
Two Party $5.90 $16.00
Family $13.40 $36.70

For more detailed information, please refer to the Health Benefits Forms page.

Health Benefit Forms