Health Benefits apply to full-time employees only.

Open Enrollment

Your medical insurance options are offered through Deseret Mutual Benefits Association (DMBA). The month of October is the one month of the year where employees are able to make changes to which health insurance options that they wish to participate in (Medical, Dental, Vision, FSA). These changes can be made through the DMBA website, and will be advertised by Deseret Mutual to provide further instruction. The only exceptions to making changes in your coverage outside of October are the following:

  • The first 30 days of employment
  • Birth of a child
  • Change in marital status

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Health Benefit Forms
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A side by side comparison of your medical insurance options, and how to change plans online. Information about disability insurance, supplemental insurance plans and the Wellness program.

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A side by side comparison of your dental insurance options, coverage and premiums.

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A side by side comparison of your vision insurance options, coverage and premiums.

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Coming 2016, DMBA will provide discounts on hearing aids to eligible employees.

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Flexible Spending

Information about the rules and guidelines for your flexible spending account, including information about the Benny card and reimbursements.

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Affordable Care Act

Notices, provisions, and summaries regarding the Affordable Care Act. Includes eligibility requirements and guidelines.

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