FMLA (Family and Medical Leave Act) Information for Managers

Managers are usually the first to know when an employee will be away from work. FMLA offers 12 weeks of unpaid leave during a 1 year period of time for eligible employees.

When an employee, under a manager's stewardship, requests more than one week away from work for a reason that qualifies under the FMLA (see policy below), Human Resources should be notified. In addition, the "FMLA Request Form" will need to be completed and returned to Human Resources prior to the onset of the leave, or as soon as possible thereafter.

FMLA is administered at the employee's request or employer's discretion.

1. Policy 2-6 A: Family and Medical Leave Act

2. FMLA Leave Request Form (click here)

3. Recording Time during FMLA 

       •  Prior to the leave, it should be decided who will be reporting the employee's
           payroll and FMLA hours.
       •  The Payroll Department will need to know what hours were worked; i.e. any sick
           leave, vacation, holiday hours, and any leave without pay hours.
       •  The Human Resources Office will need to know the "FMLA hours." FMLA hours
           are any hours during FMLA leave that were not "regular work hours."

For questions or comments, please contact McKinzie Cole, Human Resources, 496-1708.