Exit Process

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Explanation of Exit Process

All employees (other than students) ending employment with BYU-Idaho must check out through the exit process. The intent of the exit process is to assist you and the University as you prepare to end employment. Completing the process will result in a smooth transition for you, for your department, and for the university administrative systems in which you have had access rights as an employee. 


As you prepare to end your employment with BYU-Idaho, you are encouraged to visit with your supervisor so proper arrangements can be made within your department. Once your departure date is determined, your supervisor will contact Human Resources via the email link below in order to start the exiting process. You can expect to receive an email from Human Resources within a couple of days regarding a "list of accountability" that you will need to finalize before your last day. In that email will be instructions, your list of accountability and a link to an exiting employee survey.


Once you receive notice from an employee that they intend to end their employment at BYU-Idaho, please click on the link below and submit the information requested. This email will start the exiting process for your exiting employee. Within a couple of days the exiting employee will receive an email from Human Resources regarding a "list of accountability". Please allow them the time they need to finalize any items required before their last day of work. Once the employee has completed their list and you both have signed it, have the exiting employee deliver it to Human Resources along with their I-card(s). 

Click here  to notify human resources of an employees intended departure.

If you have any questions please contact the Human Resources Department ext. 1700 Kimball 226