Your Retirement Benefits - Thrift Plan

The Definitive Guide to the financial benefits your employer provides and how to make the most of them!

This workhop is reccomended for anyone who is looking to gain a deeper understanding of the Thrift Plan options offered by DMBA.

What: "Your Retirement Benefits": Thrift Plan workshop
When: January 23rd (9:00AM - 10:00AM)
Where: Manwaring Center Special Events Room 387

In partnership with DMBA's certified financial planners, BYU-Idaho is offering a free financial planning workshop. Learn how to:

Your 401(K) Thrift Plan, what makes your account tick, and how to optimize your options, including:

  • Picking the right Investment Portfolio
  • Understanding Roth vs. Pretax
  • The value of dollar-cost averaging and how it works
  • Choosing the right amount to contribute