Program Specific Career Paths


Commercial Recreation management is recreation-related products or services by private enterprise for a fee, with the long-term intent of being profitable. Jobs within this field fall into four main categories:

  1. Travel Industry: primary function is the movement of people and the provision of travel-related services.
  2. Hospitality Industry: primary function the provision of accommodations, food and beverage and related amenities.
  3. Local Commercial Recreation Industry: primary function is the provision of retail products, entertainment, and recreation programs for people in their home communities.
  4. Facilitators: these businesses support the three main industries.

Job Titles

  • Adventure Travel Coordinator
  • Amusement Park Operator
  • Concert Promoter/Festival Director
  • Cruise Ship Activity Director
  • Dive Master Instructor/Business Owner 
  • Golf Course Manager
  • Hunting Outfitter/Business Owner 
  • Mountain Guide/Business Owner
  • Nursing Home Program Director
  • Professional Sports Team Manager
  • Resort Manager
  • Ski Instructor
  • Stadium Manager
  • Tour Guide
  • Whitewater Rafting Guide/Business Owner 

Alumni Profiles


Title: Director of Outdoor Activities

Salary: $60,000

Brief Description:  Rob oversees and manages all outdoor adventure programs, the rock climbing wall, ropes course, as well as the equipment rentals shop. He leads or manages over 100 outdoor trips every year.


Title:  United States Olympic Committee 

Salary: $62,000

Brief Description: Dan is in charge of the Paralympic athlete pipeline development program. He utilizes the partnerships he builds to help athletes to get engaged in sports, get involved in consistent program training, and helps people to receive classification. Dan also works on athlete identification and development to determine Paralympic eligibility. He strives to promote awareness, helping others to realize they can participate in sports despite impairments.