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BYU-Idaho University Village Housing Payment Process


What are some important things to consider when purchasing a contract?

Prospective tenants should carefully read the University Village contract and addendum, and be very familiar with the terms and conditions. 

When is my rent due?

Rent is posted to the tenant's account at the beginning of the month for the following month and is due by the last day of the month.
Example April rent will be charged on March 1st, but due on March 31st



How do I pay my rent?

Rent is charged to the contract holders student account under Campus Housing.  To make a payment please log into and click on the finance tab.   BYU-Idaho has multiple payment methods available to students.

Is a deposit required to purchase a contract?

Yes, tenants will pay $375 when they purchase their contract.  $350 will be used as a refundable deposit, and $25 will be used for a one time processing fee.  Tenants who purchase additional contracts for sequential semesters are not required to pay multiple deposits or processing fees.