Training for Home Evening Group Leaders-

Structure: Home evening group leader meetings should occur at least monthly, with twice the first month is ideal. Sections one and two should be covered within that first month. Other meetings and observations may occur monthly thereafter.


  1. Prepare Home Evening Group Leaders to feel the importance of their calling.
  2. Teach them the purposes of Home Evening
    1. Gathering
    2. Care and support of ward members
    3. Establishing patterns for future families
    4. Enjoying a righteous sociality among group members
  3. Help them to learn effective teaching and facilitation skills for holding meaningful discussions as part of Home Evening.

Section One: Gathering for Home Evening
"The Spirit and Purposes of Gathering", Elder David A. Bednar, BYU-Idaho Devotional, Oct. 31, 2006

  1. Why we gather - "The Lord gathers his people to worship, to build up the Church, for a defense, and to receive counsel and instruction."
  2. Where we gather - "The Lord's people are gathered into His restored Church, into holy temples, into stakes of Zion, and into families."
  3. Blessings of gathering - "The gathering of the Lord's people brings blessings of edification, preservation and strength."
    • Edification - Ephesians 4:12-13
    • Preservation - Moses 7:61
    • Strength - D&C 82:14
Questions for Discussion:
  • How has the Lord used "gathering" historically or presently to fulfill these purposes?
  • In what ways does "gathering%quot; provide a defense or preservation?
  • How does home evening meet the purposes of "gathering" as explained by Elder Bednar?

Section Two: Student Living

  1. Student Living Video Clips – President Clark
    1. Student Living origin and purpose
    2. Ward and Stake participation in Student Living
  2. Overview and Guiding Principles of Student Living, Student Living Guidebook pages 1-7.
    1. Discuss what Student Living is, and what it isn’t – clarify confusion or myths (page one).
    2. Introduce the Guiding Principles of Love, Shared Responsibility and Mutual Respect and what those look like in the apartment setting, in the complex, the ward, and at BYU-Idaho (pages 2-4).

Section Three: Effective Teaching

  1. Preparation
    1. Study Teaching and Facilitation section in the Student Living Guidebook (pages 16-18).
  2. Observation
    1. Give participants the challenge to observe teaching strategies among professors, ward leadership, etc. and complete Evaluate your Teaching (page 19).
  3. Discussion
    1. Home Evening lessons should include 15-20 minutes of meaningful discussion. As lesson does NOT consist of one person reading a quote or scripture in less than 5 minutes.
    2. All participants should be involved in an activity or discussion on the chosen topic.
  4. Invitation
    1. Create teaching that motivates individuals to take away a challenge for personal improvement or apartment goals. Be sure to study the Application section at the end of each lesson and extend an appropriate invitation.

Section Four: Topic of Choice – you could choose from the following and develop your final lesson;

  1. Magnifying your calling
  2. Reaching the ONE
  3. Building Zion Together
***be creative in how this material is presented – involve the participants, do activities and group share.