Lesson Guide/Outline for Bishops

The following is a suggested sequence of lessons that could be followed within a semester.

1.     Personal Righteousness:

   1st Month: Lesson Twelve – Becoming Righteous Men and Women

   2nd Month: Lesson Five – Personal Honor and Integrity

   3rd Month: Lesson Seven – Our Divine Heritage

   4th Month: Lesson Eleven – The Oath and Covenant of the Priesthood


    2.     Apartment Relationships:

       1st Month: Lesson One- Building Zion Together

       2nd Month: Lesson Two- Apartment Unity

       3rd Month: Lesson Three- Conflict Resolution

       4th Month: Lesson Four- Neither Offend nor Take Offense


    3.     Preparing for Future Roles:

       1st Month: Lesson Six- The Family Proclamation

       2nd Month: Lesson Eight- Becoming Husbands and Wives

       3rd Month: Lesson Nine- Cleave Unto Thy Spouse and None

       4th Month: Lesson Ten- Becoming Mothers and Fathers