A.    Seeks to learn and understand principles of Student Living through personal preparation and application.

Guiding Principles:  Love, Shared Responsibility, and Mutual Respect (pp. 1-4)

"Becoming" through Student Living and the Parable of the Good Samaritan (pp. 5-7)

Develops familiarity with the foundational talks and lessons (pp. 19-62).

B.    Works under the direction of the HE Coordinator to implement Student Living within the Home Evening group.

Attends trainings at a ward level and learns the goals for Student Living within the ward.

Seek opportunities within the HE group to teach principles of Student Living.

Under the direction of the HE Coordinators, works with partner to determine which Student Living Lessons will be taught each month. (A minimum of 1 lesson per month.)

Reports observations, impacts, attendance and needs to HE Coordinator, and if necessary, other ward leaders. 

C.   Helps all members of group to understand and live the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Meets with HE Group on Mondays to conduct and facilitate Home Evening.

Makes sure there is a lesson planned and prepared as well as any other desired assignments and activities well before the scheduled Home Evening.

Helps those teaching the lesson do so in a way that will invite the spirit.  Refer to pages 15-18 of the Student Living manual for effective teaching techniques.

Knows each of the group members personally and genuinely so that HE lessons can be especially tailored minister to the needs of each individual.

D.    Lives exemplary of the model of Student Living at "all times, in all things, and in all places".