One: Building Zion Together  

Developing a spirit of unity, personal righteousness, and friendship.

Two: Apartment Unity  

Striving to develop positive relationships among roommates.

Three: Conflict Resolution  

Resolving conflict in a healthy and positive way.

Four: Neither Offend Nor Take Offense  

Understanding one another and offering forgiveness.

Five: Personal Honor and Integrity  

Keeping commitments and encouraging others to do the same.

Six: The Family Proclamation  

An overview of the doctrines contained in the Family Proclamation.

Seven: Our Divine Heritage  

Understanding who we are our potential as sons and daugherts of Heavenly Father.

Eight: Becoming Husbands and Wives  

Exploring the doctrine and purpose of eternal marriage.

Nine: Cleave Unto Thy Spouse and None Else  

The Lord requires chastity before marriage and fidelity ever after.

Ten: Becoming Mothers and Fathers  

Creating a home and family based on the doctrines of Christ.

Eleven: The Oath and Covenant of the Priesthood

The rights, priveleges, and responsibilities of a priesthood holder, and a woman's role in the priesthood are eternally connected.

Twelve: Becoming Righteous Men and Women  

Characteristics that define our interactions with one another.