Second:  Small Group Gatherings:  (no more than 30 students to be effective)

Objective: Create a setting in which students can comfortably interact while discussing the principles of Student Living and committing to a collective effort to build Zion within their respective apartments and throughout the complex.

Mode of Implementation:

  1. Prepare an agenda that includes a series of questions or a few practical scenarios that naturally invites a discussion centered on the principles of Student Living. Plan to meet for 40-45 minutes.
  2. If needed, show a Student Living video at some point during the discussion to introduce the principles of Student Living, invite the spirit, reinforce a comment, or set the stage for a deeper discussion. Student Living videos can be found on the Housing & Student Living website ( Click on “Student Living” from the homepage.
  3. Invite students to share feelings and insights throughout the discussion. Encourage students to share experiences in which they applied the principles of Student Living in their apartments. Ask meaningful and purposeful questions. Avoid questions that only require a “yes” or “no” resonse. Dig deep to stimulate real thought and internalization. A few examples of questions include the following:
    • Why is “love” so important to an apartment?
    • What does “love” actually look like in an apartment? How is it manifested day in and day out?
    • In what ways does the principle of “shared responsibility” extend beyond merely doing dishes or cleaning the apartment?
    • How does “shared responsibility” relate to being your brother’s or sister’s keeper?
    • What does “mutual respect” look like in an apartment?
    • How does living the standards of the gospel and the tenets of the Honor Code demonstrate “mutual respect”?
    • What happens when roommates are casual in their commitment to the Honor Code?
  4. Refrain from making presentation! This is intended to be a discussion. It’s possible to facilitate an entire discussion using only questions sprinkled with quotes from the Student Living Guidebook, references to relevant passages of scripture, and/or excerpts from other gospel resources that reinforce the principles of Student Living.
  5. You may consider dividing the time with ecclesiastical leaders. Bishops or other ward leaders can be invited to facilitate a portion of the discussion at your discretion. If you adopt this approach, make sure to prepare and plan together so that all participating parties are unified and understand the desired outcomes.