Manager Apartment Visits

Apartment Visits

Objective: Create an intimate setting where managers and teaching companionships can engage students in a guided discussion, see their apartment up close, and observe early roommate interaction.

  1. Invite student employees or volunteers, assistant managers or property managers, and/or ecclesiastical leaders (e.g., bishops, elders quorum presidencies, Relief Society presidencies) to serve as teaching companionships.
  2. Assign each companionship to a specific number of apartments. Set aside enough time for each companionship to spend approximately 20 minutes in each assigned apartment.
  3. Emphasize to the companionships that apartment visits are to be conducted in a way that truly engages roommates in a discussion. This can be accomplished most effectively through inspired questions that prompt roommates to consider the practical application of gospel-centered principles.
  4. Prepare each companionship to discuss any one of the following topics:
  5. Provide each companionship with goal sheets to distribute to the apartments and ask them to invite roommates to set goals consistent with the topic(s) discussed.
  6. Ask each companionship to invite roommates to hold regular Apartment Council.