Apartment Management 

 Includes all managers, assistant managers, and spouses.

A. Responsibilities & Expectations 

 The apartment manager assumes the following responsibilities and expectations:

    1. Teaches, clarifies, and enforces housing standards and guidelines as well as the principles of the Honor Code and Personal Honor within the apartment complex.
    2. Models and teaches the principles and expectations of Student Living through formal and informal interaction with apartment residents (e.g., check-ins, Student Living meetings, clean checks, complex-sponsored events, etc).
    3. Responds to Honor Code violations and determines the appropriate level of intervention (e.g., personal contact with student, contact with the apartment as a whole, referral to the Student Honor Office, correspondence with the bishop, and/or a combination of any of these actions).
    4. Attends monthly Manager Forums as well as other training meetings sponsored by the Housing & Student Living Office. E-mail notification will be sent out before all scheduled meetings with preparation materials. Click here to view the schedules for Manager Forums.
    5. Encourages students to live by the commitments they have made.

B. Methods for Teaching Student Living Principles

Managers may utilize a variety of methods to teach the principles of Student Living within their properties. These efforts are independent of the teaching that occurs within campus stakes and wards and represents one more way in which each and every student can learn and be invited to live these important principles. The following methods and accompanying options have been proven to be successful: 

1. Student Living meetings

        • Apartment visits
        • Small group gatherings
        • Combined complex and ward welcome

2. Complex Decor

        • Visual reminders on the property
          1. Vinyl lettering
          2. Banners

3. Printed materials

        • Student Living Brochure
        • Flyers, magnets, etc.

4. Electronic communications

        • Website - add quotes, expectations, and links to teach Student Living
        • Emails - new student welcome email, attach to all other correspondence in a quote or thought of the day
        • Facebook page

5. Tours to prospective students and check-ins

6. Responding to concerns with tenant

        • Housing Standards or Honor violations 

7. Weekly contact

        • Clean checks
        • Rent Payments
        • Other casual interactions

C. Reporting

    1. Report serious violations of the Honor Code and patterns of rebellious behavior to the Student Honor Office at 496-9300.
    2. Communicate with the bishop(s) of the ward(s) represented in the property when impressed to do so in relation to behavior incongruent with that of a disciple of the Savior.
    3. Call the Housing & Student Living Office when in doubt about a particular violation. The Student Living Coordinator or the Education and Standards Manager will provide guidance and counsel regarding appropriate intervention.

D. Training

    1. Attend monthly forums facilitated by the Education and Standards Managers and Student Living instructors.
    2. Request additional training or support. A one-on-one meeting can be scheduled with the Education and Standards Managers. The meeting can be held at the property and also involve a Student Living instructor.
    3. The Student Living Coordinator and Student Living instructors can also be invited to visit a complex to provide training for manager assistants (MAs) and student employees.
    4. Attend an annual professional development conference in which training is provided to equip managers with tools to be successful.