Because approved housing caters to the needs of single students, it provides unique benefits.

March 4, 2011
Writer: Owner & Developer Relations, Housing & Student Living Office

Unique Benefits of Approved Housing

Complexes in approved housing are under contract with the university to meet certain standards and conditions before they can offer contracts to single BYU-Idaho students. Because of this, approved housing provides significant benefits and flexibility to students.


For example,

BYU-Idaho standards and compliance with the Honor Code are expected and maintained in approved housing.
The costs of utilities and amenities are covered in an all-inclusive rental price (utilities, furnishings, internet, tv, etc.).
Only BYU-Idaho students admitted to a track can live in approved housing.
All BYU-Idaho students living in approved housing must have an annual endorsement from their Bishop.
Complexes in approved housing are inspected annually by the Housing & Student Living Office to ensure they meet physical facility standards.
Over 90 percent (92.6%) of approved housing uits are within two blocks of campus.
Parking is much more abundant in approved housing compared to community housing.
Managers of approved housing complexes are required to be endorsed annually.
Managers receive monthly training and instruction from the Housing & Student Living Office. At these meetings, discussion centers on improving the experience of their student-tenants.
When students have complaints and concerns, the Housing & Student Living Office offers mediation and arbitration services to help resolve the concern.
Many complexes offer flexible contract length options taht correspond to the university academic calendar (for example, students can rent by the semester).

While all the complexes are individually owned and operated, approved housing supports the university's mission to "maintain a wholesome, academic, cultural, social & spiritual environment."