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Remote Student Housing

About Remote Housing

Remote Housing is comprised of housing options that are owned or operated by BYU-Idaho to help students living in various cities around the Western U.S. Currently, these housing options cater to single students (with the exception of Las Vegas, where we have married housing also) by providing furnished apartments that offer short term contracts. For complete details about what is available select the city from the map. Not all cities have the same amenities.


Only matriculated BYU-Idaho students, in good standing with the university, are eligible to live in Remote Housing. This means you must be accepted to a track and have already started attending classes. You cannot have any holds or debts owing to the university.

Purchase Contract

To purchase a contract, email Marc Sunderland at SunderlandMa@byui.edu

Contact Us

If you have any further questions or comments, please contact us at 208-496-9220 or housing@byui.edu