Property Requirements for Approved Housing

Revised:    October 18, 2013

Property Ownership
All buildings within a property must be owned by one individual, a legal partnership, or corporation and the entire property must be approved as one project. Property owners/landlords may not be single students living at the property.

Approved Housing Restrictions
Community housing cannot be part of an approved housing property. Hotels, motels, trailers, studio apartments, condominiums, single family residential homes, and individually-owned, multi-unit properties will not be considered for approved housing.

Name of Property
The entire property must have one name and be identifiable with one address. Proposed name changes must serve a justifiable purpose beyond simply a desire to move up in the alphabetical listing of approved housing properties. Apartment property names must begin with a letter, not a number or symbol.

Gender Separation
All approved housing properties must provide for the appropriate separation of single male and female students. Men and women may reside in separate buildings within an eligible approved housing property (i.e., a property consisting of discrete buildings). Entrances, parking lot(s), and common areas (e.g., lounges, laundry facilities, exercise rooms, pools, etc.) may be shared between men and women.

Gender shall not be mixed from one wing of a building to another; nor shall it be mixed within buildings.

Eligible properties must explicitly and operationally provide for maintaining appropriate levels of privacy and respect in common areas, protecting against overly casual attitudes and behaviors among and between men and women, and promoting “righteous sociality.”

BYU-Idaho reserves the exclusive right to determine how its policy of separating the sexes should be implemented.

Common Areas and Perception
All structures will be considered as one property and must maintain exclusive common areas. These common areas are for the use of residents in one property and may not be shared by another property (i.e., laundry rooms, lounges, pools, hot tubs, etc.). All structures that are part of the property will need to be approved for single students and the on-site manager(s).

The property cannot share a common driveway, parking lot, or other facilities with a neighboring property.

There needs to be a perception (visual and otherwise) that the property, including those with multiple buildings, is one rental property. For example, common architectural elements may provide a visual commonality.

Mixed Use
Commercial establishments may exist on the same property as approved housing complexes in “mixed-use” zones designated by the City of Rexburg. Vertical mixed-use development, however, is prohibited. BYU-Idaho reserves the right to administer this policy on a case-by-case basis and any mixed-use development intending to house BYU-Idaho students must first be approved by the university.

Commercial Activities within Approved Housing
No commercial activities can be conducted from or within approved housing properties. For example, students cannot operate a business from their apartment(s) that brings individuals to the property for products or services.