Can I decorate my room? Appropriate decorations (posters, pictures, etc.) are encouraged.  Since no items may be attached to the walls or doors with tape or nails, a special adhesive will be provided for attaching posters, etc., to the walls and doors. 
How big is my bed and what size of sheets should I bring? All men and women beds in on-campus apartments have extra-long twin-size mattresses (80 inches).
Is there a place for my bike? Students may not store bicycles in the apartment at any time.  Students should register their bikes with University Security & Safety.  There is no charge to register a bike.  Students are responsible to remove bikes from campus when leaving BYU-Idaho.  Students are encouraged to use a bike lock to secure their bike.  Bike racks are provided at each complex.  Bicycles, scooters, skateboards, etc. should not be ridden inside the complex.
Is there anything I shouldn't bring? Firearms and Prohibitions see apartment living standards.
When can I move in? Students can check into their apartments according to the start of occupancy date that is listed on their contract.

Early check-ins are not permitted. Students arriving early are asked to please make arrangements for local lodging or to stay with a friend or relative until the contract beginning date.To assist in check-in, please have your BYU-Idaho student I-Number on hand.
How far is the nearest grocery store? There are several retail stores close to the BYU-Idaho campus. Broulims Fresh Foods is 1 mile from the campus.  Walmart and Albertsons are approximately 1.5 miles north of the campus.
Where is the housing and student living office?
We are located on the first floor of the Kimball Building, room 196.
Storage There are storage areas in each complex where luggage can be stored while attending BYU-Idaho.  Students leaving for a block or semester should take all their personal belongings with them if they are not returning.  Students storing items in storage waive all claims against BYU-Idaho for loss of or damage to clothing, valuables, or other personal property.  Students may store items in storage free of charge if they have purchased an on-campus housing contract for the next continuing semester.  Students must store their items in plastic boxes/totes.  Each container must be clearly marked with a label provided by the manager.  Students may not store computers, stereos, or any other valuables.  Storage is available on a first come, first served basis and is limited to one, 13 foot cubby storage area per student. 
ADA information Please contact the Housing and Student Living Office for more information regarding handicap accessible units.
Quiet rooms Quiet rooms are designated for students who prefer a quiet and studious atmosphere.  All students in these apartments agree to preserve this atmosphere, free of loud music and large gatherings or parties in the apartment.  Typically, students in these apartments prefer a clean and organized space, and go to be earlier than other students.
Can I take a tour of an apartment?
Of course!  Please contact our office and our friendly staff would be happy to give you a tour of our apartments.
Security All entrances to complexes are locked for security during specified evening hours.  Students are counseled to lock doors to their apartments or rooms to protect personal belongings and to provide additional security.  It is essential that each student take responsibility for complex security, such as seeing that doors and gates are properly secured and not propped open.
I need to sell my on-campus housing contract, how can I do that? To post your contract for sale please log into the On-Campus Contracting Website and select Buy / Sell Existing Contract.  Please follow the steps to post your contract for sale.
Can my family stay with me during the first few days of check in or checkout? Unfortunately guests, including parents, are not allowed to stay overnight in On-Campus Apartments during the week of check-in and checkout.

How do I change my bed selection?

Log into the On-Campus Contracting Website and select the contract you would like to change, then click change rooms.

Do I have to live On-Campus as a freshman?

No, freshman can live anywhere within Approved Housing.

How do I prepare to live with roommates?

Living with people you've never met can be fun and exciting.  It may also present challenges that, without help, can be discouraging and difficult.  Students at BYU-Idaho live a model of governance called Student Living.  Within this model students learn to truly be their brother and sister's keeper.  Students should carefully study the principles of Student Living before arriving on-campus. To learn more visit our Student Living website.

 What will be my address?

Your name

[Apt #] [Name of Hall]

525 S. Center St.

Rexburg, ID 83460 - zip extension (see below)


For example, if you lived at Chapman Hall, your address would be :

John Doe
123 Chapman Hall
525 S. Center St.
Rexburg, ID 83460-0036


Zip Code Extensions:

Perkins Hall-0031

Kerr Hall-0032

Barnes Hall-0033

Ricks Hall-0034

Lamprecht Hall-0035

Chapman Hall-0036

Students should arrange their schedules to be available when luggage or packages arrive. Packages that are delivered to the apartments by a parcel service are sometimes stacked in the lounge and their security cannot be guaranteed. When leaving BYU-Idaho apartments to go home, be sure to notify friends, family, magazine subscriptions, etc. of a change of address.


 Use the links below to learn more about our area and resources. 

Weather conditions


Where do I go to church?


What is there to do in Rexburg (winter, spring, fall)?


Campus map


Information Technology


Parking on-campus


Counseling Center


Meal plans

Please note that no food outlets are open on Sunday.  Students in Chapman Hall will need to make arrangements for meals on Sunday.