Rexburg Parking Ordinance

Revised:    January 1, 2011

The link below is the PDF of the Rexburg Ordinance 911 which outlines parking regulations that affect students living in Approved Housing (and all complexes in town, too).


Some key points include:

Approved Housing complexes that contract with towing companies are required to provide 3 percent visitor parking.


Approved housing complexes that contract with towing companies must provide signage that meets the criteria in Ordinance 911.


Students who park in a lot/stall for which they DO NOT have a permit, accept the risk of being booted or towed at their own expense. Students have the right to mediation and arbitration if they feel they were legally parked with a proper permit.


Students are expected to know and honor parking regulations and respect the parking requirements for each lot. They are also responsibile for informing guests that visit the complex of what are the parking requirements.

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