Off-Campus Parking Appeals

Revised:    December 1, 2013

Approved Housing Parking Appeals

Booting and Towing in Approved Housing Parking Lots

Students and visitors who claim they were wrongly booted or towed in an approved housing parking lot will be allowed to submit an appeal to the Housing & Student Living Office within 10 days of the violation as stated on the receipt. Below are a few questions to help you determine whether or not you qualify for an appeal:
  • Does the property have the appropriate signage at the entrance of the property indicating permit parking only?
  • Was I parked illegally (e.g., in a resident’s or handicapped stall for which I do not have a permit, outside of a designated stall, in a “no parking zone,” etc.)?
  • Are the visitor parking stalls clearly marked and conveniently located?
If you find yourself answering affirmatively to the questions above, then you do not qualify for an appeal. Appeals will only be heard under the following circumstances:
  • I am a resident of the property with a valid permit to park in the lot where I was booted or towed and the permit was properly displayed.
  • I was visiting the property and properly parked in a visitor’s stall.
  • There was no signage indicating permit only parking and/or visitor parking stalls either do not exist or are not clearly marked.
When submitting an appeal, a student or visitor should present all documentation (parking permits, copy of the violation receipt, pictures, etc.) to the Housing & Student Living Office. To set up an appointment to discuss your appeal, please contact the Housing & Student Living Office at (208) 496-9220 or