Activity Ideas for Single Student Home Evening

  • Hold a planning/brain storming session at the beginning of the semester with your Home Evening Group.
  • Calendar activities into the weekly home evening gatherings, including scheduling lessons.
  • Counsel with your bishop to determine appropriate resources for lessons, including Student Living, the Ensign, etc.
  • Give assignments to apartments or group members to plan and carry-out the activity.
This takes some time and investment to be successful - last minute activities rarely have the same impacts and lasting effects as those well planned and thought out.
Below are some ideas, including a few limited websites that you can utilize for meaningful activities.


  1. Visit the Nursing Home or an Assisted Living Center
  2. Volunteer through the City for the Tabernacle, Romance Theater, or Teton Flood Museum for cleaning, painting, or other projects.
  3. Gather items for the Center for Domestic Abuse and deliver together.
  4. Pick up trash along a complex, city street or on campus.
  5. Contact the hospital for a list of patients who could use a visit/song/story time.
  6. Write letters to missionaries or service men and women, especially at holidays.
  7. Service scavenger hunt (wash windows, take out trash, etc.)

Practical Life Skills

  1. Car Maintenance
  2. Basic Home Repairs
  3. Provident Living
    1. Physical Health
    2. Finances and Budgeting
    3. Food Storage
    4. Employment
      1. Resume building
      2. Interviewing skills
      3. Networking
  4. Grocery Shopping
    1. Couponing
    2. Best buy for the unit price
  5. Meal Preparation
    1. Healthy meal plans
    2. Basic cooking skills
    3. Time saving tips and substitutions
  6. Make 72 Hour Kits or Grab Bags for Emergency Preparedness


  1. Student Living Lessons
  2. Ensign First Presidency Message
  3. Watch Youth Videos on
  4. Study The Family Proclamation, study the doctrine and memorize it
  5. Study The Living Christ, study the doctrine and memorize it
  6. Watch clips from past devotionals on a certain topic
  7. Do indexing or family history search.
  8. Create a Family Fan chart for each group member.
  9. Simple testimony sharing.
  10. Create a Mormon profile on


  1. Take personality assessment tests or learn about your love languages.
  2. Go on a bike ride on the bike path from Kmart to Sugar City and back.
  3. Go on a hike along the Ririe nature path.
  4. Have an ethnic night and bring foods from different cultures/missions.
  5. Go geocaching in the local area.
  6. Talent showcase of the members of the group.
  7. Picture scavenger hunt.
  8. Picture Scavenger hunt with a twist-someone takes close-up pics of things at a mall or wherever, and then you give the pictures printed out (maybe about 9 pics to a page, two or three pages) to two teams. Each team has a camera and has to run around and take a pic of someone on their team with the item. It's a twist on a scavenger hunt but can be really fun still.
  9. Make a music video
  10. Ultimate Spoons
  11. Capture the Flag
  12. Play Fugitive- (Pick two locations in a town. You have a group of people trying to sneak from Point A to Point B without getting caught. The other groups are in vehicles trying to find you.)
  13. Soccer/Frisbee/Football
  14. Play Sardines


  1. Ice skating or sledding in the winter.
  2. Rake leaves in the fall.
  3. Do leaf imprinting on paper or canvas.
  4. Gather/glean potatoes from the fields in the fall.
  5. Make valentine cards for those who may need one.
  6. Learn to fish on the Henry’s Fork at Beaver Dick Park.
  7. Make Christmas ornaments.
  8. Celebrate a different holiday (from another country, National Popcorn Day, etc.)
  9. Secret Santa or "You've Been Boo'ed" (Halloween) to deliver a gift or treat to someone.