March 4, 2011
Writer: Owner & Developer Relations, Housing & Student Living Office

Student Living

Student Living represents an official model of governance within BYU-Idaho approved student housing intended to assist students in their apartments to develop and live patterns of gospel-centered lives and to support them in their efforts to become stronger disciples of Jesus Christ. Additionally, Student Living teaches, encourages, and inspires students to take more responsibility for themselves, roommates, and neighbors in the apartment complex.

Students are trusted and expected to uphold the standards of the university and live within the housing guidelines and to help others to do the same.

Outside the home, the apartment represents the most natural and effective place for students to learn and apply gospel principles such as love, shared responsibility and mutual respect with their friends and roommates. By so doing, students will develop qualities, form habits, acquire skills, and establish patterns that will strengthen relationships with roommates and engender a spirit of integrity, unity, accountability, forgiveness, and love in the apartment. For more about Student Living, visit

Housing Questions & Concerns

Both students and managers are welcome to submit questions regarding contracts, concerns about living conditions and issues regarding apartment living to the Housing & Student Living Office.

We encourage all students to have face-to-face interaction with their managers and/or owners to resolve any issues regarding housing conditions. If a resolution cannot be reached, the Housing & Student Living Office is more than willing and prepared to offer support and counsel through a formal mediation.

The Education & Standards Managers are available to respond to these inquiries. If you have any questions or concerns, we invite you to contact the Education & Standards Managers.

Kriss Jacobson & Sherstin Law

Education & Standards Managers

To submit a concern, please visit:

To set up an appointment, please call the Housing & Student Living Office at (208) 496-9220.