Do I need to apply to become a PPE major?

No application is need to declare this major, just visit the Advising Center in Hinckley 309. However, applications are required before enrolling in each preschool lab course (ECD 360L, 370L, and 380L).


How do I apply for each Child Lab course?

The application can be found below as you follow the qualitrics link. Simply click the right link for your lab, fill out the form, and submit. If you have any questions contact Suanne Elsworth (


Where can I look to see what classes I need to fulfill this degree?

The most current information can be found in the university catalog, some classes are listed on this webiste, and you can also visit the Home and Family Web page at:


What times are the Child Labs?

Preschool MWF Morning 7:45-11:45
MWF Afternoon 12:45-4:45
T/Th 7:45-11:45
Toddler M/Th 11:30-3:00
T/Th 7:45-11:15
T/Th 9:45-1:15
W/F 7:45-11:15
W/F 9:45-1:15
W/F 11:30-3:00

Does my major determine which lab I should be in?

Yes, MWF Labs are for Professional Preschool Education (PPE) and Early Childhood Education/Early Childhood Special Education (ECE/ECSE) majors. T/TH Labs are for Child Development (CD) and Family and Consumer Science (FCS) majors.