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Available Internships

Working for Families

The focus here is that the work you do in your internship will not involve physically being with families, but instead take on a more indirect approach. Internships and careers that allow you to work for families can provide experiences where you are advocating, researching, or participating in identification work regarding issues related to family science and similar fields.

Working with Families

Internships that allow you to work with families give you more hands-on experience. Examples include working at orginizations that help families, clinics, and other family related services.Specific areas of working with families can include...

  • Individuals
  • Couples
  • Families

*Working at a daycare or preschool facility is NOT an approvable internship for marriage and family studies students.

Find an Internship

Below is a small list of internships available to you. However, this list does not contain all possible internships. Feel free to look for other opportunities that meet the basic requirements mentioned in the “Expectations” section of this site.

  • Geneva Office for Human Rights Education | Geneva, Switzerland
    Kennedy Center for International Studies
    Don Holsinger
  • United Way (Utah County, Utah) | Provo, Utah
    Open Positions (apply by March 4th) Community Programs Assistant, Summer Learning Program Liaison, Community Garden Coordinator, and Grant Writer/Outreach Specialist. Send a cover letter and resume to her email address.
    Sandra Cannon
  • Journeys | Rexburg and Idaho Falls, ID
    Skill Training and Inclusion for Special Needs Kids
    Andy Crossman
  • Millennials for Marriage (Online Internship)
    Marriage Advocacy and Education
    Jenn Murff
  • Educate Empower Kids (Online Internship)
    Online Family Life Education and Advocacy
    Dina Alexander
  • MARRI (Online Internship)
    Marriage and Religion Research Institute
    Pat Fagan
  • The Becket Fund | Washington D.C.
    Religious Liberty Law Firm
    Stephanie Barclay
  • Utah Youth Village | Salt Lake City, UT
    Family Life Education & Advocacy
    Wayne Arner
  • Arizona Family Institute | Gilbert, AZ
    Parent education, therapy services, working with teens and children, social media and website development
    Dan Oakes
  • Family Crisis Center | Rexburg, ID
    Women's shelter for domestic violence
    Margie Harris
  • Idaho Parents Unlimited | Boise, ID
    Parent education pertaining to stress and coping techniques
    Lana Gonzales
  • University of Idaho Extension (Madison Co.) | Rexburg, ID
    Extension Activities: Assist with 4-H and other programs
    Kandee Boice
  • Domestic Violence Intervention Center | Idaho Falls, ID
    Domestic violence center
    Amy Kaiser
  • Green Valley Mortuary | Rescue, CA
    Help families who have recently lost loved ones
    Dennis Hamilton
  • United Families International | SLC, UT
    Advocate for families on an international level
    Laura Bunker
  • United Families Utah | SLC, UT
    Advocate for families with a focus on Utah policy
    Rose Marie Murra
  • Box Elder Family Support Center | Brigham City, UT
    Parent and family life education, assist families in accessing resources
    Katy Bonds
  • Happy Wives Club | Online
    Promote happy marriages
    Fawn Weaver
  • Dibble Institute for Marriage Education | Online
    Promote healthy marriages
    Aaron Larson
  • Single Sisters Should Know | online
    Marketing internship, Pornography Prevention
  • Innovative Health Care Concepts, Inc. | Idaho Falls, ID
    Involves working with developmental disabilities and mental illness
    Lisa Smith
    208.523.1130 (ext. 12)
  • Centerpoint Counseling Services | Rexburg, ID
    Office assistant and transcriber at counseling clinic
    Geoff Winfree
  • Citizens For Decency | Rexburg, ID (& online)
    Pornography Prevention and Recovery
    Bronson Herrera
  • American College of Pediatricians | Online
    Online Blogging
    Lisa Hawkins
  • Sutherland Institute | Salt Lake City,Utah
    Advocacy and Family Policy
    Amanda Myer
  • World Congress of Family | Salt Lake City, Utah
    Advocacy and Family Policy
    Janice Crouse
  • Addo Recovery | Online
    Use social media to promote pornography addiction and betrayal trauma recovery
    Danny Jackson
  • National Organization for Marriage | Online, DC
    Advocate for Marriage and Family

  • Family Research Council | Washington DC
    Advocate for Marriage and Family

  • Marriage and Religion Research Institute | Washington, DC

  • Liberty Institute | Plano, Texas, Remote, Online
    Family Policy, Religious Freedom, Advocacy

  • National Right to Life | Online, Remote Locations
    Family Advocacy
    Derrick Jones
  • National Center on Sexual Exploitation | DC,Online
    Pornography Prevention

  • Division of Human Resources | Idaho, Other states
    Human Resources
  • Marriage and Family Therapy Program of U of N | Las Vegas, Remote Locations
    Teaching/Research Assistant Internship
    Stephen Fife
  • Rigby High School Counseling Department | Rigby, Idaho
    School Counseling Internships
    Don Fryberger
    208.745.7704 x3522
  • Family Watch International | Gilbert, Arizona (online also may be available)
    "Promoting family based solutions through education and policy making. We strengthen families, serve the interest of children and provide the best outcome for men/women worldwide."
    Kathleen George
  • Access Point Family Services | Idaho Falls, Pocatello
  • Mentor Works | Riverton, Utah
    Promote healthy family formation and enrichment across the life course.

  • Edward Callirgos MAS, LMFT |  Tempe, AZ 
    The Bridge Counseling, Consulting & Mediation, LLC.                                                                                                                           480-203-7165
  • International Voice for Youth | Online
    Kelli Houghton

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