So you want to do an internship
with children and families!

This page will orient you to the following aspects regarding your internship:

1. The purpose of a Child Development or Marriage and Family internship
2. The basic expectations and parameters of doing an internship
3. How to identify where you will do your internship
4. Approving your internship with the coordinator
5. What you need to do to register for your internship
6. What you will do after you have become registered for your internship

The purpose of a Child Development or Marriage and Family internship

A. The internship experience is provided to better prepare students for future job opportunities.

B. An internship experience should provide the opportunity to "test drive" a career that you think you might be interested in pursuing.

C. An internship can sometimes provide a way to get your foot in the door of an organization that you think you might want to permanently work at.

D. An important part of an internship experience is that it provide regular instruction and guidance (mentoring) by a supervisor.

E. A Child Development or Marriage and Family internship can consist of any job experience that allows you to learn more about working with or in behalf of infants, children, adolescents, couples or whole families.

F. This internship should also allow you the opportunity to use the developmental or family systems skills you have learned in your different classes within our major. 

The basic expectations and parameters of doing an internship

A. You are required to take a minimum of 2 credits worth of internship experience.

B. At 80 hours per credit, this means you will need to work as an intern for at least 160 hours. 

C. Internships hours need to be spread across a minimum of 7 to 8 weeks of time.

D. The credits you take for any internship will only cost half as much as normal course credits.

E. Your first task is to define your own goals and objectives at the beginning of your internship experience.

F. Weekly journals must be recorded and submitted to your internship coordinator (me) using I-Learn. 

G. Your last task is to write a report that allows you the opportunity to assess what you have learned and been able to accomplish during your internship experience.

H. Other more minor tasks that must be completed during an internship are listed in the course syllabus.

*Logistics outlined by the university

*Internship Approval and Processing Guidelines

How to identify where you will do your internship

If you would like to explore what previous students' have said about their individual internship experiences, you can view their YouTube videos here.

Below is a tentative list of internship possibilities...

Organization Brief Description Location Contact Person Phone Number Email
Family Crisis Center Women's shelter Rexburg, ID Margie Harris 208-356-8807
Idaho Parents Unlimited Parent education pertaining to stress and coping techniques Boise, ID Lana Gonzales 208-342-5884
University of Idaho Extension, Madison County Extension activities; assist with 4-H and other programs Rexburg, ID Kandee Boice 208-356-3191
Rigby Middle School Assisting students with social skills; bullying intervention Rigby, ID Kim Azbill
Domestic Violence Center Domestic violence center Idaho Falls, ID Amy Kaiser 208-529-4352
Oregon State University Extension (nutrition) Teach nutrition, cooking, etc. Oregon (Umatilla- Morrow Counties) Jenny Chavez 541-922-3321
Green Valley Mortuary Help families who recently lost a loved one Rescue, CA Dennis Hamilton
United Families International Advocate for families SLC, UT Laura Bunker 801-815-5062
United Families Utah Advocate for families SLC, UT Rose Marie Murra
Box Elder Family Support Center Parent education, family life education, assist families in accessing resources Brigham City, UT Katy Bonds
Happy Wives Club Promote happy marriages Online Fawn Weaver   Parent Education, therapy services, working with teens and children, social media and website development Gilbert, AZ Dan Oakes 480-382-1257
Dibble Institute for Marriage Education Promote marriage Online Aaron Larson 866-321-2665
Everyday Mothers Research and Advocacy related Jennifer Hunt

Single Sisters Should Know

Marketing Internship email

Journeys Skill Training and Inclusion for Special Needs Kids Rexburg and Idaho Falls Andy Crossman (208) 709-0537

Innovative Health Care Concepts, Inc.  Involves working with Developmental Disabilities and Mental Illness Lisa Smith (208) 523-1130 ext. 12

Madison Cares Interns majoring in Early Childhood Development and Marriage and Family Madison County Deb Allen (208) 359-3300 ext 3426

  Approving your internship with the coordinator

Marriage & Family Internships 

A. Have you taken FAML 445 along with all of the necessary prerequisites? See page 336 in the Home and Family Catalog.

B. Will the majority of your time in your internship be spent doing things "directly related" to Marriage and Family Studies?

C. Will your internship provide you an opportunity to apply skills and knowledge learned from your experience in the Marriage and Family Studies program? It is important to keep in mind that your internship should be directly related to course work of your degree. For example, because the marriage and family studies degree doesn't prepare students in depth to work in a preschool setting, internships in preschools are not usually approved.

D. During your internship experience will you receive valuable instruction and guidance from a qualified mentor or supervisor?

E. Will your internship offer you the opportunity to complete at least 160 hours, working at least 10 hours a week over the course of at least 7 weeks?

 What you need to do to register for your internship

Once you have secured an internship, you need to fill out paperwork to be registered for the internship course. Please follow these instructions. You will NOT be registered or receive credit for your experience until all steps are completed.  

A. Go to

B. Click on the career navigator link and log in with your BYU-I username and password, (if you have not yet completed a profile for career navigator, simply follow the steps to do so).  

C. From the "quick links" bar at the top of the page, hover over profile and click internships from the drop-down options. 

D.  Select "add new experience" if you have never done an internship prior. If you have then select "add new."

E. Fill out form with all necessary information. If you do not have all the information on hand you can "save as draft" and continue at a later time. Once your internship has been approved you will be notified by Career Services. If the internship is approved you will then be able to enroll.

F. Enroll in FAML 498R. Once you have access to FAML 498R you may begin to complete your internship hours/experience.    

The Marriage and Family Studies Coordinator is: Cole Ratcliffe,, Manwaring Center 392, 208-496-4035.   

*For questions on this process, please contact The Academic Discovery Center

**This process can take anywhere from several days to several weeks, depending on the number of applications the Academic Discovery Center is processing. Please be mindful of this as you are making your preparations.