Child & Family Advocacy Society

Heart with "Child and Family" written in it.

Dues: $10.00
When you join you will recieve a t-shirt and stickers.
Committee Meetings: Thursdays @ 5:00 pm CLK 229 
Activities/Events: Events vary - Follow us on Facebook for the latest updates!

The Child and Family Advocacy Society is geared toward advocating for children and families and gaining a better understanding of careers relating to children and families. We call upon responsible citizens to promote those measures designed to maintain and strengthen the family as the fundamental unit of society.

The BYU-Idaho Child & Family Advocacy Society is:

  1. An on-campus society run by students
  2. A society to promote and enhance student learning and professional growth
  3. A way to get involved in the community
  4. For students interested in supporting the family and child development
  5. A place for friendship and mentoring
  6. Where a student can learn more about classes in the Home and Family Department
  7. A program that offers internship information through forums and meetings
  8. A way to meet the faculty in the department
  9. A great way for Marriage and Family Studies and Child Development majors to come together and network

Connect With Us

  Look for flyers posted around the Clarke Building and sent through e-mail.

  Shoot as an e-mail.

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Contact one of the officers of the Child and Family Advocacy Society:

Michael Stevenson President 240-608-5617
Allie Gillespie V.P. (Acitivties/food) 734-589-7954
Aimee Angle Secretary 520-241-3101
Katherine Whalen Marketing Team Lead and Instagram 801-602-9494
Emma Zuniga Advertising Team Lead and Facebook 730-829-9188
Gina Berrett Online 435-238-0302
Michelle Stone Mentor (801) 473-4073
Tim Rarick Faculty Advisor (208) 496-4034