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Child & Family Advocacy Society

The BYU-Idaho Child & Family Advocacy Society is:

  • An on-campus society run by students
  • A society to promote and enhance student learning and professional growth
  • A way to get involved in the community
  • For students interested in supporting the family and child development
  • A place for friendship and mentoring
  • Where a student can learn more about classes in the Home and Family Department
  • A program that offers internship information through forums and meetings
  • A way to meet the faculty in the department
  • A great way for Marriage and Family Studies and Child Development majors to come together and network
Contact one of the officers

Child and Family Advocacy Society


Position Email Phone
Malorie White President (208) 419-2238
Spencer Galbraith V.P. (Acitivties/food) (208) 206-0071
Annabel Detering V.P. (Activities/food)
Jimmy Bridges V.P. (Activities/food) (208) 549-9490
Candice Merrill V.P. (Marketing) (208) 201 3068
Paul Hulbert V.P. (Public Relations)
Bronson Herrera Treasure (774) 275-7232
Michelle Stone Mentor (801) 473-4073
Tim Rarick Faculty Advisor (208) 496-4034


     Here is the link to the society's youtube channel. Enjoy.

    Family and Consumer Science Society

    The Family and Consumer Science Society is organized to enhance the individual preparation in the home and family areas beyond the topics students are required to learn in their individual classes. Students will participate in academic, professional enrichment, service and enjoyable activities. Bond of friendship will be created among students with similar academic interests. Opportunities are provided for leadership development.

    Monthly meetings are held on each 3rd Wednesday at 5:30 p.m. in the Clarke Building. Participation in FCS Society shows dedication to your personal professional development.


    • Chair-
    • Chair Elect-
    • STAR Events V. Chair
    • Service V. Chair
    • National Programs V. Chair
    • Secratary
    • Historian
    • Advisor: Rosemary Bullough