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  • PhD - University of Georgia - Child and Family Development, Area of Concentration: Adolescence
  • MS - Utah State University - Family and Human Development, Minor: Statistics
  • BS - Utah State University - Sociology, Minors: Computer Science and Statistics

Areas of Interest

  • Kelly McCoy has long been fascinated with the adolescent experience and the adventures and challenges that are a part of this period of development. In particular, he is interested in the intertwining of the relationships in adolescents' lives. His research has focused on adolescents' relationships with their parents, siblings, and friends, with particular interest in parents' involvement in adolescents' friendships.
  • Kelly has been married to Darla Montgomery for 29 years. They have 5 children. They love to camp, hike, ride dirt bikes, cross-country ski, bycycle and watch movies together as a family.

Teaching Experience

Instructor - Department of Home and Family: Brigham Young University - Idaho (2007 - present)

Instructor - Department of Marriage, Family & Human Development, School of Family Life: Brigham Young University (1996 - 2006)

Coordinator - Department of Marriage, Family & Human Development, School of Family Life: Brigham Young University, Course: MFHD 792R - Faculty / Graduate Student Family Research Symposium (Aug, 1996 - May 2001)

Instructor - Department of Child and Family Development: University of Georgia, Course: CFD 470 - Adolescence and the Family (April, 1989 - June, 1989)

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Research Experience

Evaluation Coordinator - University Affiliated Programs: University of Georgia (1992-1996) Study: Head Start/Public School Transition Demonstration Project

Associate Project Director - Institute for Behavioral Research: University of Georgia (1995-1996) Study: Adolescent Development Research Project

Research Scientist - Program for the Study of Competence in Children and Families: Department of Child and Family Development, University of Georgia (1992-1996) Study: Examination of sibling behavior and parental interactions involving same-sex sibling pairs

Project Director - Institute for Behavioral Research: University of Georgia (July 1994 - Oct. 1994) Study: Adolescent Development Research Project

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