Family & Consumer Sciences

The Degree of Family and Consumer Sciences Education is a composite major that provides a holistic approach to the study of home and family in preparation to teach. Upon graduation students are secondary education certified to teach FACS in the state of Idaho with an endorsement in Professional Technical education.  Students can also work as home economists in business, or continue on to graduate studies to prepare for work as a cooperative extension agent.

Students participate in the BYU-Idaho Family and Consumer Association which highlights FCCLA, service, professional, and social development. A Family and Consumer Education major provides the opportunity to apply professional skills to home, family, church, and community as well as prepare for a career in education, extension, or business.


Family and Consumer Sciences (FCS) is a discipline that focuses on relationships among individuals, families and communities, as well as the environments in which they function. 

It is a discipline that prepares men and women to work inside and outside the home in a variety of career areas.

  • Food and Nutrition
  • Child Development
  • Housing and Interior Design
  • Hospitality
  • Education and Extension
  • Family and Community Services
  • Resource Management

FCS careers are in high demand, marketable, have a positive impact on families, and secure self-reliance. 

Family & Consumer Science Educators (Students) will be able to:

  • Engage in classroom activities, home experiences, extracurricular activities, and professional association events, simulated laboratory experiences - particularly in foods, child development, management, nutrition, home decor, clothing, and textiles.
  • Conduct field trips, obtain guest speakers, and assign individual projects.
  • Select and prepare learning aids for classroom use (i.e., textbooks, computer-aided instruction using media, and study guides).
  • Ensure that learning activities from professional technical youth organizations are integrated into classroom instruction.
  • Prepare lesson plans and teaching activities based on state standards.
  • Advise students in academic and career goals.
  • Collaborate with teachers, parents, and community


  • Teach doctrine, principles, theory, and skills to help maintain and strengthen the home as the most effective institution in society for impacting the well being of the family unit.
  • Provide a well balanced education for students focusing on the importance of home and family. Classes include: family relations, money management, clothing construction and apparel, textiles, interior design, child development, foods and nutrition, home and family management, and with a secondary education component.
  • Prepare students for careers in secondary education, graduate school, and professions relating to home and family education, children, and families.
  • Strengthen students' testimonies in the gospel of Jesus Christ.

FCS Education

This degree is a composite major that provides a holistic approach to the study of FCS and Career and Technical Education (CTE) curriculum. Upon graduation, with an industry based internship and successful completion of student teaching, students are certified to teach FCS programs in junior high and high school in the state of Idaho with an endorsement in CTE.

MORE INFORMATION: Janiel Nelson | Tracie Simon

FCS Extension

This degree prepares students to work in the co-operative extension system as FCS Agents or Educators. This is completed through the county extension programs (i.e. 4-H). Graduates will complete a 160 hour internship in a county extension office and prepare to obtain a Master's degree at a land-grant university.


FCS Apparel Entrepreneurship

This degree pairs apparel design and construction courses with entrepreneurship courses. This prepares students to work in the fashion industry or to develop their own apparel-based entrepreneurial business either from the home, online, or in the start-up business arena. Apparel Design and Construction students will also complete an industry internship.

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Catering & Event Planning Concentration

This option provides training in all aspects of catering and event planning (food preparation, floral design, communication, etc.) to prepare students for work in this industry. If paired with the FCS Entrepreneurship concentration, students will be prepared to have their own catering and event planning business.