Potential Careers

As the major's title implies, political science is more than just talking about politics. Students are expected to become fair, objective, and critical analysts of the political process. The major functions on the belief that the development of key analytical skills will bring success in the major's chosen career path. Careers in political science require specific training including knowledge of theory and the scientific method, historical and empirical information, statistics, etc.

A bachelor's degree may be sufficient to obtain employment in some fields. These may include teaching in secondary schools, entry-level political analyst positions in the public and private sectors, public affairs, foreign service officer, agents in various government agencies, etc.

Other fields will require advanced degrees and/or training. Examples of these occupations include teaching or research at the university level, administration (i.e., health-care, city planning, labor management), pollster, attorney, etc.

Political Science graduates are increasing in demand throughout the world. Career options for Political Science majors are not limited. One of the most commonly associated professions with Political Science is law practice.  Although Political Science is certainly excellent preparation for law school, becoming a lawyer is not the only possibility. Some go on to earn MBAs, specializing in international business.  Other possibilities include working on a political campaign, working in public administration, or teaching.  Some more closely related fields are diplomacy, intelligence, and national security. Whether you are looking to jump straight into a career or to attend graduate school, you will find that Political Science provides a broad spectrum for your future endeavors.

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